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Elementary Age: Reading Program screen-shot-2014-09-29-at-3-38-34-pmpng
Have Storm players come into your classroom and read to students. Following the reading, players speak about the importance of working hard in school to accomplish life goals. And of course, they will open up the floor to basketball related questions at the end of the session.
Junior High School Age: Activity/Public Speaking
Storm players like to have fun when they're in schools across the Island. A popular option is a lunchtime game with students, dodgeball in the gym is often the top choice. They can also participate in a physical education class to work with students. And of course, they'd love to play a fun game of basketball in the gym whenever possible. If you're looking to get everyone involved, have them speak at a school-wide assembly about bullying, why it's important to say no to drugs and alcohol, or another topic if desired. Accommodations can also be made for players to read to certain groups.
High School Age: Interactions/Activity/Public Speaking
Some Storm players are only a few years removed from high school. This is a great way to connect students with community leaders within the walls of your school. Often done at Three Oaks Senior High in Summerside, players would join students for lunch in the cafeteria. Much like the junior high level, players can speak at a school wide assembly, play sports in gym class or at lunch with the students, and read to students if desired.
To inquire about the program or to apply, CLICK HERE to email us. Please provide the following information: Your name, position, school, type of event you're looking for.

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